Boredom detection from EEG and gaze

Boredom Detection from Gaze and EEG

Continuing our research thread on emotion-aware computing, I am happy to announce the following publication accepted to the Biomedical Signal Processing and Control journal with an impact factor of 2.214: Authors: Joochan Kim, Jungryul Seo and Teemu H. Laine Title: Detecting Boredom from Eye Gaze and EEG Journal: Biomedical Signal Processing and Control Summary: Boredom […]

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A study on UX in mobile AR accepted to Computers

User experience (UX) is often disregarded when novel technologies, such as augmented reality (AR), are developed and experimented with. This article was just accepted to the Computers journal‘s special issue on Advances in Mobile Augmented Reality, and it should be available online soon: Authors: Amir Dirin and Teemu H. Laine Title: User Experience in Mobile […]

Computers special issue cover

The EMARG survey in Computers special issue cover

I am happy to announce that our survey paper on educational mobile augmented reality games made it to the special issue cover (cover image + story): The paper has also been published as open access. Grab a copy and let me know what you think!