Programming games survey

A review of programming curricula and games accepted to BJET

I am delighted to announce that the following survey paper has been accepted for publication in the British Journal of Educational Technology: Authors: Renny Lindberg, Teemu H. Laine and Lassi Haaranen Title: Gamifying Programming Education in K-12: A Review of Programming Curricula in Seven Countries and Programming Games Journal: British Journal of Educational Technology Summary: […]

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Formative evaluation of an adaptive programming game

A paper reporting an evaluation of the Minerva programming game with adaptation to the player’s learning and play styles has been accepted to publication in the International Journal of Serious Games: Authors: Renny Lindberg and Teemu H. Laine Title: Formative evaluation of an adaptive game for engaging learners of programming concepts in K-12 Journal: International […]

Boredom detection from EEG and gaze

Boredom Detection from Gaze and EEG

Continuing our research thread on emotion-aware computing, I am happy to announce the following publication accepted to the Biomedical Signal Processing and Control journal with an impact factor of 2.214: Authors: Joochan Kim, Jungryul Seo and Teemu H. Laine Title: Detecting Boredom from Eye Gaze and EEG Journal: Biomedical Signal Processing and Control Summary: Boredom […]