Two conference papers at the CSEDU 2017 conference

We are happy to get two papers accepted to the International Conference on Computer Supported Education to be held in Porto, Portugal in April 2017. Details of the papers are as follows:

  • Authors: Renny Lindberg, Aziz Hasanov & Teemu H. Laine
  • Title:  Improving Play and Learning Style Adaptation in a Programming Education Game
  • Summary:  This paper describes Minerva‘s adaptation system and its evaluation, resulting in a set of improvement suggestions that can be used for creating adaptive education games similar to Minerva.
  • Authors: Aziz Hasanov & Teemu H. Laine
  • Title: A survey of context-awareness in learning environments in 2010-2016
  • Summary:  In this paper we present a survey of recent context-aware learning environments from a technical perspective, i.e. how context-awareness has been implemented.


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