A journal article accepted to the iJIM journal

Today our journal article was accepted to the International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM). This paper is a fruit of a long collaboration with Eeva Nygren and Erkki Sutinen at the University of Turku. Here are the details:

  • Authors: Eeva Nygren, Teemu H. Laine and Erkki Sutinen
  • Title: Dynamics between disturbances and motivations in educational mobile games
  • Journal: International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM)
  • Summary: The paper investigates the interplay between disturbance factors and motivators — as negative and positive forces, respectively — in the context of educational mobile games. As a case study, we analyze the UFractions, a storytelling mobile game for learning the basics of fractions. The paper introduces rather exciting contributions, such as: (i) although disturbance factors have typically negative effects on the learning experience, some disturbances can facilitate learning; (ii) a mapping model for representing game motivators in the dimensions of active-passive integration, and cognition-affection; (iii) guidelines for developers, users and educations in pedagogical scenarios; and (iv) six learning zones that differ by the intensities of motivation and disturbance factors.

As iJIM is an open access journal, the paper will soon be available for reading. Please check the publications page for a link!

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