A review of programming curricula and games accepted to BJET

I am delighted to announce that the following survey paper has been accepted for publication in the British Journal of Educational Technology:

  • Authors: Renny Lindberg, Teemu H. Laine and Lassi Haaranen
  • Title: Gamifying Programming Education in K-12: A Review of Programming Curricula in Seven Countries and Programming Games
  • Journal: British Journal of Educational Technology
  • Summary: Programming and computational thinking have become trendy topics among primary and secondary school curriculum developers around the world. Programming is a challenging topic to learn, but the learning process and motivation can be facilitated by the means of engaging games. The goal of this study was to understand how programming has been incorporated in school curricula in different countries, and how currently available programming education games could support the objectives defined in the curricula. We gathered and analyzed programming education curricula seven countries, and then reviewed 29 easily accessible games that incorporate programming education in one way or another. The paper also proposes guidelines as to which games might be suitable for specific age groups and topics.

The results of this article are no doubt useful to educators and curriculum designers who have interest in gamifying programming education.


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