Ubilife website launched!

After two months of on/off work on the website, today I can proudly launch it officially! This website contains detailed information about my past and present research projects, publications, teaching portfolio and collaborating people. Many of the projects were created with Dr. Carolina Islas Sedano and Mikko Vinni who are co-founders of Ubium Oy with yours truly. Each project description contains basic information about the project as well as collaborating people and organizations. Pardon me if I have forgotten to mention your name  – just send me a reminder and I will fix it.

Hong Seok Hur A.K.A. red419 did a fantastic job on web design (everybody, give a big hand!). The website logo depicts the dual nature of Ubilife research on education and well being. If you are a gamer, you might notice that the small icons dotting ‘i’ letters resemble buttons of popular game console controllers.  This too was a deliberate design decision to convey our deeply-rooted focus and interest on game-based applications.

Without further ado I officially announce the Ubilife website open and get back go research on Calory Battle AR and a really cool wearable sensor middleware that we are currently working on. More about that later!

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