A transactions journal paper on Running Othello accepted

We are happy to announce our recently accepted article to a special issue of the IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies journal. The paper discusses the latest version of the Running Othello exergame and its evaluation among 61 elementary school children in Korea. Here are the details of the publication:

  • Authors: Renny Lindberg, Jungryul Seo and Teemu H. Laine
  • Title: Enhancing Physical Education with Exergames and Wearable Technology
  • Journal: IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies
  • Special issue: Wearable Technologies and the IoT in Education and Training

In this paper, we discuss various advantages that wearable technology can have for exergames and physical education. We enhanced Running Othello by coupling it with the Microsoft Smart Band wearable device and including learning content from the South Korean physical education curriculum. In the evaluation section, we measured various effects of the game, such as learning outcome compared to a control group, exercise efficiency, and motivation  The results suggest positive influence and increased efficiency compared to a traditional learning method.

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