Prof. Teemu H. Laine

Position: Associate Professor at the Department of Digital Media, Ajou University; Leader of Ubilife Lab; Co-founder of Ubium Oy
Office: 618, Sanhak Hall, Ajou University
E-mail: teemu@ubilife.net
Homepage: http://www.ubilife.net
Education: PhD in Computer Science, University of Eastern Finland, Finland
Research Interests: educational technology, well-being, games, ubiquitous and context-aware systems, human-computer interaction, augmented and virtual reality, ICT for development

rock climbing, running, cycling, snowboarding, traveling

Adil Khan

Prof. Adil Khan

Position: Assistant Professor at Innopolis University, external advisor for Ubilife lab
Office: Innopolis University, Kazan, Russia
Phone: +82-31-219-3324
E-mail: amtareen@ajou.ac.kr, amtareen@gmail.com
Education: PhD in Computer Engineering, Kyung Hee University, South Korea
Research Interests: Machine Learning, Data Mining, Pattern Recognition, Context-Aware Computing, Intelligent Systems, Data Modeling and Analysis

Running, Reading Books, Watching Movies


Jungryul Seo

Position: Ph.D student at Department of Computer Engineering, Ajou University
Office: 214, Sanhak Hall, Ajou University
Phone: +82-10-2288-9157
E-mail: jrseojr@naver.com
Homepage: https://www.jseoresearch.com
Education: Bachelor of Information and Computer Engineering (Ajou University) / Bachelor of Business Administration (Ajou University) / Bachelor of Law (Seoul Digital University)
Research Interests: Activity Detection, Data Fusion, Sensor Application System



Aziz Hasanov

Position: Ph.D student at Department of Information and Computer Engineering, Ajou University
Office: 908-1B Paldal Hall, Ajou University
Phone: +82-10-8696-8854
E-mail: aziz.hasanov.kh@gmail.com
Education: Master of Information Technologies and Systems Engineering, Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction.
Research Interests: Educational technologies, Artificial Intelligence in education, Game-based learning, Adaptive context-aware systems, Ontologies

Reading, Philosophy, Soccer


Joochan Kim

Position: Master student at Department of Media, Ajou University
Office: 626, Sanhak Hall, Ajou University
Phone: +82-10-2008-5903
E-mail: nnmi266@naver.com
Education: Bachelor of Information and Computer Engineering
Research Interests: Interactive Technology, Eye tracking

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Past students


Renny Lindberg (BSc, MSc) – Leometry, Running Othello 2, Minerva (2014-2017)
Jihee Hyun (BSc)
– Calory Battle, internship (2015)
Sunglae Kim (BSc) – Calory Battle, internship (2013, 2015)
Joonas Westlin (MSc) – Calory Battle, ManySense, internship and MSc degree (2012~2015)
Yutsai Chiang (BSc) – Human activity detection, internship (2014)
Minbeom Joo (BSc) – Calory Battle / ManySense Assistant, Internship (2014~2015)
Daehwan Kim (BSc) – Leometry, internship (2014)
Nina Hytönen (BSc) – Leometry, internship (2014)
Kwangsu Kook (BSc) – Running Othello, internship (2013)
Hochul Yang (BSc) – Running Othello, internship (2013)
Jeonghwa Kang (BSc) – Calory Battle (2012)
Mikko Vinni (MSc) – Cognitive Dimensions in Software Development: Case of a Mobile Game Content Editor (2012)
Zafar Khaydarov (MSc) – Context-aware agriculture organizer (2011)
Frank Malela (BSc) – Ubiquitous computing and learning in Tanzanian context: Bagamoyo catholic slave trade mobile phone game (2010)
Fadhili G. Ng’unda (BSc) – Designing location-based mobile game simulating slave trade: case study of Bagamoyo (2010)
Ernest “Eric” Arendarenko (MSc) – A study of comparing RFID and 2D barcode tag technologies for pervasive mobile applications (2009)
Ahmed Hashim (MSc) – Mobile technology for learning Java programming (2007)

Eeva Nygren

Eeva Nygren

Position: PhD candidate at University of Eastern Finland, creator of UFractions
E-mail: eeva.nygren@kiteenkansanopisto.fi
Research Interests: Integrating educational technology into teaching, educational games, tutoring systems

Horses, dogs