TekMyst (2008)

Type: pervasive mobile quiz game

Purpose: engage and motivate museum visitors to explore the museum exhibition and learn about history of technology

Place: Museum of Technology, Helsinki, Finland

Technologies: Client: J2ME, 2d barcodes; server: Java, PHP, MySQL.

Period: 2008

Contributors: Ubium Oy, Museum of Technology and Sie Expressions (character design).


TekMyst is similar to SciMyst but it was created for different context: Museum of Technology in Helsinki. In comparison to SciMyst, TekMyst content was divided into multiple levels according to difficulty. First version of TekMyst was tested in August 2008. Test results were promising and despite some problems we had with the wireless network, players (both youngsters and adults alike) enjoyed this alternative way of adventuring through the museum collection. As the context was Museum of Technology, this rather technical approach suited very well there. TekMyst user interface is presented below. The structure has three features: solving enigmas, recording impressions and final battle. There is also a short research questionnaire at the end of the game.


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