Context-Aware Nurse Assistant

Context-Aware Nurse Assistant (CANA) (2015-)

Type: Context-aware healthcare tool
Purpose: Facilitate nurses' daily work activities through context-aware service provision
Place: Elderly houses, hospitals in Finland
Technologies: Mobile and web technologies
Period: 2015-
Contributors: Nathaniel Ham, Michael Dayen, Raphael Sculati, Patrick Alaspää, Marie Monkam, Tsegai Kbreab, Amir Dirin, Mitra Dirin and Teemu H. Laine

ManySense (2014-)

Type: Context-aware middleware for Android
Purpose: to provide application developers with 1) uniform access to heterogeneous context sources; 2) a mechanism to control and query context sources; 3) a way to add new context sources; and 4) access to refined context data (e.g. user's activity)
Place: anywhere (Ajou University)
Technologies: Android, a variety of internal and external sensors, external context data sources.
Period: 2014-
Contributors: Joonas Westlin and Teemu H. Laine
Running Othello

Running Othello (2012-)

Type: distributed pervasive exergame based on the Othello boardgame
Purpose: encourage children to do exercise by challenging other players around the world for a match of fast-paced strategy game with physical missions
Place: anywhere (Ajou University)
Technologies: Client: Android, NFC, onboard sensors; Server: J2EE servlet, MySQL
Period: 2012-
Contributors: Teemu H. Laine, Carolina Islas Sedano, Hochul Yang, Kwangsu Kook, Dao Thanh Chung, Xiaolei Du and Zhao Yang

Calory Battle AR (2012-)

Type: context-aware exergame with augmented reality
Purpose: encourage children to do physical exercise through augmented reality treasure hunt in real world
Place: anywhere (Ajou University)
Technologies: Client: Android, GPS, Vuforia AR SDK; server: J2EE servlet, MySQL; wearable sensors such as smartwatch and heart rate monitor.
Period: 2012-
Contributors: Teemu H. Laine, Joonas Westlin, Hae Jung Suk, Jeong Hwa Kang, Sung Lae Kim and Jun Mo Jung.

U-Healthcare system (2008)

Type: ubiquitous healthcare system
Purpose: mobile gateway to enable vital sign collection, processing and remote monitoring from a heteroneneous body area network
Place: Multimedia Networking Lab, Ajou University
Technologies: Client: Java on Nokia N810, Bluetooth; server: PHP, MySQL; ZigBee wireless sensor network
Period: 2008
Contributors: Teemu H. Laine, Sejin Oh and Chaewoo Lee