Research methodology

Open Access Article on the Effects of COVID-19 on Location-based Game Players

Today we published an open access article that investigates how COVID-19 has affected players of Pokémon GO and other location-based games (LBGs), as well as their developers. This is a very topical and interesting area, since LBGs are largely based on user mobility in the real world, whereas people all over the world were encouraged, […]


Best paper awards in 2019

My article “Mobile Educational Augmented Reality Games: A Systematic Literature Review and Two Case Studies” published in Computers in 2018 won the 2019 Computers Best Paper Award. It is an Open Access publication with 26 citations and counting. If you are interested in AR, games and/or educational technology, this paper should be of interest to […]


Open access article on boredom detection using EEG and GSR accepted to Sensors

Jungryul Seo’s research on emotion detection has produced yet another fruit in form of an open access journal paper acceptance. This study focuses on detecting boredom from EEG and GSR data, with the details being as follows: Authors: Jungryul Seo, Teemu H. Laine and Kyung-Ah Sohn Title: An exploration of machine learning methods for robust […]