Dr. Laine and Dr. Seo

Congratulations, Dr. Jungryul Seo!

Dr. Jungryul Seo, our expert in machine learning and emotion detection based on physiological sensors, received his doctoral degree at Ajou University yesterday. Jungryul’s journey at UbiLife started as a MSc student, but then he changed to a combined MSc+PhD track which officially ended yesterday at the graduation day. During this journey, he has grown […]


Updates from the past seven months

It has been a long since I wrote a post here. The reason is that the past seven months or so have been extremely busy due to relocation to the Department of Digital Media at Ajou University and getting started with my Associate Professor (tenure-track) position here.  The new position focuses on three areas which […]

Research methodology

Open Access Article on the Effects of COVID-19 on Location-based Game Players

Today we published an open access article that investigates how COVID-19 has affected players of Pokémon GO and other location-based games (LBGs), as well as their developers. This is a very topical and interesting area, since LBGs are largely based on user mobility in the real world, whereas people all over the world were encouraged, […]