IEEE conference paper on Calory Battle AR with Unity 3D accepted!

We just received a nice Christmas present to our hard working students (Sung Lae, Joonas, Jeong Hwa and Jun Mo) who created the Calory Battle AR and particularly its Unity 3D version. Their conference paper was accepted:

  • Authors: Sung Lae Kim, Teemu H. Laine, Hae Jung Suk, Joonas Westlin,  Jeong Hwa Kang and Jun Mo Jung
  • Title: Using Unity 3D to Facilitate Mobile Augmented Reality Game Development
  • Conference: IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things 2014

This paper describes the process of designing and implementing Calory Battle AR with Unity 3D game engine and Vuforia extension to it. We also compare the results of user studies with both versions of the game (with and without Unity 3D).

This paper was supported by the New Faculty Research Fund of Ajou University (2012).

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