Calory Battle AR design journal paper accepted to Games & Culture (SSCI)

Exergames aim to make exercise more enjoyable, especially for children and young adults who are accustomed to digital technologies. Calory Battle AR is a mobile exergame that utilizes context-awareness and augmented reality (AR) to enable interaction with virtual content. Designing mobile exergames and AR interaction has received little scholarly attention. Thus, we wrote a paper as follows:

  • Authors: Teemu H. Laine and Hae Jung Suk
  • Title: Designing mobile augmented reality exergames
  • Journal: Games & Culture (SSCI)

The results of this study can be used by designers to create motivating and interactive mobile AR games. It complements our previously accepted paper “Distributed Pervasive Worlds: The Case of Exergames”, which describes the concept of Running Othello exergame.

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