P:Recipe (2016-2017)

Type: Visual programming learning environment for Python (and other languages).

Purpose: Support programming education for non-engineer students using a visual approach. P:Recipe generates Python code that can be executed as a separate program.

Place: Any education level

Technologies: Python, PyQt

Period: 2016-2017

Contributors: Hyunmo Bae, Hohyong Kim, Jaehong Yu, Jiwon Jeon, Daewoo Kim and Teemu H. Laine

P:Recipe is an innovative programming learning environment for non-engineers. It allows the student to build Python programs with a visual editor similar to Scratch. Created programs are translated into Python, thus they can also be executed independently.

P:Recipe is especially designed to work on gesture-based devices like tablets. Moreover, it has bindings to other languages such as Processing.

A screenshot of P:Recipe is shown below. The tool currently supports the following features:

  • main() and custom functions
  • for and while loops
  • if statements
  • variables, lists and constants
  • arithmetic operators
  • printing
  • code preview
  • code execution
  • saving and loading


The first prototype of P:Recipe was built during 2016 fall semester as part of the Paran Semester program at Ajou University. The work was supervised by Prof. Teemu Laine. The team of students is currently developing P:Recipe into a mature version with support to Processing and other languages beyond Python.

Here is a humorous advertisement video created by the students:

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