Pythory (2017)

Type: A story-based mobile game for learning the basics programming concepts

Purpose: Teach the basic programming concepts in Python through an interactive visual novel that incorporates Kolb’s experiential learning cycle.

Place: South Korea

Technologies: Unity 3D

Period: 2016-2017

Contributors: Joochan Kim, Haejung Suk, Teemu H. Laine

Pythory (a portmanteau of “python” and “story”) is a novel learning game concept that combines an interactive visual novel and learning content on basic programming concepts (input, output, repetition, decisions, math/logic). Pythory uses text, graphics, animations and sound (music, voice actor) to enrich the learning experience. The goal is to provide a fun and gentle way for non-computer scientists to explore the basic elements of programming before they study the topic in depth.

The game contents are structured using Kolb’s experiential learning cycle (concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization and active experimentation) to improve motivation and learning achievement. It is designed to be run on tablets, thus improving the gameplay experience. Sample screenshots and a gameplay video of Pythory are provided below.





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