A conference and a journal paper accepted

Great news at the beginning of the year 2018! Two papers were just accepted: one to the CSEDU 2018 conference and another one to the International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies. The details are as follows:

  • Authors: Amir Dirin and Teemu H. Laine
  • Title: Towards an Adaptive Study Management Platform: Freedom through Personalization
  • Conference: International Conference on Computer Supported Education
  • Summary:  This paper provides a concept description of a novel platform that aims to manage study and teaching activities in adaptive manner using data mining / machine learning techniques. Moreover descriptions of design and implementation of some of the platform components are also described.
  • Authors: Amir Dirin, Teemu H. Laine and Ari Alamäki
  • Title: Managing Emotional Requirements in a Context-Aware Mobile Application for Tourists
  • Journal: International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies
  • Summary: This paper discusses the importance of emotions and feelings in developing mobile applications for tourism. In particular, a study of emotional requirements of a tourism mobile application prototype is described, together with an analysis which factors are important to users operating as tourists in unknown environments.

Warm thanks to the co-authors, especially to Dr. Amir Dirin!

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