A review on educational mobile AR games accepted to the Computers journal

I am happy to announce that a systematic literature review on educational mobile augmented reality (AR) games has been accepted to the Computers journal‘s special issue on Advances in Mobile Augmented Reality.


  • Author: Teemu H. Laine
  • Title:¬†Educational Mobile Augmented Reality Games: A Systematic Literature Review and Two Case Studies
  • Journal: Computers (MDPI)
  • Summary: This paper surveys the contemporary research landscape on educational mobile augmented reality games (EMARGs) between 2012-2017. In total, 36 EMARGs are analyzed in depth from the perspectives of technology, pedagogy and gaming. Additionally, 26 AR platforms on which one can create mobile AR applications are reviewed and compared. Two case studies — Calory Battle AR and Leometry — are analyzed in closer detail. To summarize the findings, 13 valuable guidelines are provided to guide the development of future EMARGs.


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