EdTechMyst (2008-)

Type: pervasive mobile quiz game

Purpose: disseminate information about the Educational Technology research group at School of Computing, University of Eastern Finland

Place: University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, Finland

Technologies: Client: J2ME, 2D barcodes; server: Java, PHP, MySQL.

Period: 2008-

Contributors: Ubium Oy


The EdTechMyst game follows the same line of pervasive gaming experiences started by SciMyst. This time the context was the educational technology research group (edTech) laboratory at School of Computing at University of Eastern Finland. The game first appeared as a test case of SciMyst but since then it has grown to be an independent game ready to be experienced for any visitors of the edTech lab. Unlike SciMyst or TekMyst, EdTechMyst has been designed to be running all the time in the lab.

EdTechMyst was played once also outside the lab. An event called Researchers’ Night was held in Joensuu on September 26, 2008. During that event EdTechMyst was used to present research of the edTech group to wider audience. The players consisted of mostly children and teenagers but some adults played the game as well. In addition to having fun, the players got information on what kind of research edTech is doing.

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