A study on UX in mobile AR accepted to Computers

User experience (UX) is often disregarded when novel technologies, such as augmented reality (AR), are developed and experimented with. This article was just accepted to the Computers journal‘s special issue on Advances in Mobile Augmented Reality, and it should be available online soon:

  • Authors: Amir Dirin and Teemu H. Laine
  • Title: User Experience in Mobile Augmented Reality: Emotions, Challenges, Opportunities and Best Practices
  • Journal: Computers (MDPI)
  • Summary: Despite the recent advances of mobile augmented reality (MAR) technology and tools, there are still many challenges associated with MAR from the UX design perspective. This paper discusses the importance of UX design in MAR applications. UX is defined here as the emotions that the user encounters while using a service, a product, or an application. Through our analysis of two case studies – a commercial advertisement app and our Virtual Campus Tour app – we present various challenges, opportunities and best practices related to UX in MAR applications.

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