Welcome to School VR: An Immersive School Adaptation Game for Preschoolers

Type: An immersive virtual reality game for preschoolers

Purpose: Simulate various activities in an elementary school classroom for preschoolers to become familiar with the new educational environment.

Place: South Korea

Technologies: Unity, Oculus Quest 2, Naver Clova text-to-speech

Period: 2022

Contributors: Hwinyeon Kim, Gaeun You, Teemu H. Laine

When a child enters an elementary school from a familiar preschool environment, it can be both exciting and stressful. Some children may experience difficulty in adjusting to a new elementary school environment, thus causing anxiety and even refusal to attend. To mitigate these issues, and to smoothen the transition from a preschool to elementary school, we developed a school simulator VR game where the player assumes the role of a first-grader in a classroom. A friendly robot assistant instructs (via text-to-speech) the player to complete various tasks related to the classroom environment, such as interacting with the blackboard, organize furniture, and recycle garbage.

School adaptation game - classroom

School adaptation game - whiteboard interaction

School adaptation game - recycling

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