Tales & Fractions (2018-2019)

Type: A story-based augmented reality game for learning fractions

Purpose: Motivate children to learn and practice fractions with a story on two leopards and a fraction rods manipulation environment implemented with augmented reality

Place: Sweden

Technologies: Unity 3D, Vuforia SDK

Period: 2018-2019

Contributors: Joochan Kim, Emelie Smith, Renny Lindberg, Teemu H. Laine, Håkan Vallin, Ewa-Charlotte Faarinen, Eeva Nygren, Jonas Hansson,  Andreas Hedlund, Ludvig Riemertzon, and Emil Sundström.

Tales & Fractions is a thematic continuation to the UFractions game developed in 2009. It features the same two leopards than the old game, but provides otherwise a different gameplay experience. The interactive story of the leopards — divided into chapters — is shown on a user interface that features also a chat view and augmented reality (AR) view. The story is interleaved with fraction challenges that the player must solve in order to continue. Many of the challenges requires the user to manipulate virtual fraction rods implemented in the AR view. The fraction rods help the learner visualise abstract fraction concepts as well as perform calculations. The game’s user interface is illustrated in the following pictures.

Chapter selectionChapter selection

AR viewDialogue with mother leopard

bandicam 2019-05-08 11-31-32-187Chat view (slide-in) with story snippets and questions

bandicam 2019-05-08 11-32-46-527AR view

The game was developed using Unity 3D and Vuforia SDK (AR), and its architecture was designed with reusability in mind. Therefore, the game can host a number of stories, which can be downloaded from a story editor server (under construction). Educators, as well as learners, can therefore create and share their own stories.

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